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Comprehensive Health Assessment - £60.00

  • Initial consultation up to 90 minutes
  • In-depth discusion of individual's health concerns
  • Thorough assessment of current diet, lifestyle and full medical history
  • Disucssion around dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplementation advice and discounts on professional supplements
  • Analysis of current medications and any possible drug/supplement interactions
  • Individually tailored programme to be confirmed in writing

Extras: Menu planning and recipes service available

Follow-Up Consultations - £35.00 each
Additional consultations of up forty-five minutes to evaluate progress and make any necessary adjustments to your programme. These can be done via telephone, email or Skype if preferred. At least one follow up consultation is recommended.

Other Services

Weight loss guidance - £180.00
No more diets, no calorie counting, just 'real' food. A one-to-one course designed to assist with your weight loss, including an initial two hour face-to-face session to discuss your current health and weight loss goals. Followed by three one hour sessions tailored to your individual needs to support and monitor your progress.

Menu Planning & Recipes - Contact me for details
If you would like some help with healthy eating, I can provide you with menu plans and recipes tailored to your individual requirements. Please contact me to discuss details.

Talks to small groups – Contact me for details
Presentations to small groups, such as clubs, companies or groups of friends either covering general information on nutrition or tailored towards specific health concerns. Please contact me to discuss details.

Healthy Food
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